Atelier de Montsalvy


The BOCI group was created in 1873 by artisans specialising in costume Jewelry and today has a membership of more than 110 designers. Its objective is to identify and defend the interests of its members and its work is to inform, advise and help them by offering them services and organising promotional activities.
The Atelier de Montsalvy has been a member of BOCI since 1993.

:::::GALLIERA Museum.

The designer Elena Cantacuzène has initiated the creation of a permanent collection for BOCI; 29 members have used their talents to design unique pieces.
Items of jewelry were displayed at the Galliera Museum on 12 September 2008 during the 'Un&Une' evening. The Atelier de Montsalvy presented the necklace "Une partie de campagne...(A country feast...)"on the theme "Playful Excess" : a colourful and joyous representation of our world, mixing Venetian and Bohemian glass with big amethyst flowers.

to be continued...

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